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Technica J. Bokstein Ltd. – Transmission Parts and Conveying Solutions


Technica J. Bokstein Co Ltd. was founded in 1925, and is a leading end-to-end supplier of power transmission goods and services to the industry.

We provide our customers with custom-tailored solutions to suit their needs. 
We have been the number one choice by the most prominent companies and manufacturers on the Israeli market over decades, who enjoyed our professional and dedicated services.

We offer a comprehensive range of class-leading products by all international standards, together with a strong and reliable professional around-the-clock support service team of consultants and technical experts, along with our in-house updated storage and workshop facilities. These, together with years of experience in the field, have laid the foundation of our company’s success over the years.

We are proud to have worked and continue working  with customers  from a wide range of industry sectors in Israel, including: 

  • The Food Industry

  • The Transport and Aviation Industry

  • The Energy and Water Industry

  • The Sorting and Recycling Industry

  • The Military and Security Industry

  • The Chemicals Industry

  • The Hi-Tech and Chip Processing Industry

  • The Agriculture Industry

  • The Theme Parks Industry

Our most popular products and solutions include

  • Chains

  • Conveyors

  • Bearings

  • Couplings

  • Tightening Rings


  • Engines

  • Transmission Gears

  • Conveyors Mesh

  • Plastics for the Industry

Technica J. Bokstein Co Ltd. is the exclusive representative of Renold, the world leader of conveying solutions for over 120 years. In addition, Technica Bokstein is an official agent of SKF bearings, which are considered to be number one in the world for conveyors and industrial use. 


Technica J. Bokstein Co Ltd Commitment to Quality and Service

Commitment to the customer is our motto since inception. Our company is proud to invest continuous resources in the professionalism of its employees and the quality of its services. That is why so many Israeli Companies, from all different fields of the industry, have chosen Technica J. Bokstein as their favorite main supplier time after time.

Technica Bokstein Group is proud to offer top notch custom-tailored solutions and service.


Technica Maintenance and Management Ltd.


A Technica J Bokstein subsidiary has been active in the field of power transmission and conveyors for the industry for over 75 years.

Technica Maintenance and Management offers a variety of technical and maintenance solutions in areas related to mechanical structures and heavy structures, heavy and fine mechanics, machinery and factory line overhaul, renovation of gears, shredders and conveyors of all kinds, and more. 

Technica Maintenance offers services in  hydraulic, electric equipment, and axial alignment, among other maintenance related issues.

In addition, our team at Technica Maintenance & Management offers custom-tailored planning and impiementation of Preventive Maintenance and Prognostic Performance Evaluation programs. We have a mobile repair unit that can be dispatched on site at any time, and work day and week-long as much as needed to offer maximum flexibility and responde to our customers’ needs.


Technica J Bokstein Co Ltd Renewable Energy Department


The Renewable Energy Department at Technica Bokstein has been established in 2012.

The department offers end-to-end engineering services in the recycling and renewable energy spheres.

The department specializes in the engineering design of complete municipal recycling plants, adopting the waste-to-energy (W2E) approach. 


The team at the Renewable Energy Dept is already engaged with various government and non-government stakeholders, operators and investors in both the recycling and energy industries. 

Tel: +972-9-8850505

Fax: +972-9-8652555

6 Hatrufa St. Natnaya 42504 Israel

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